About Us

A note from our founder


Most of us have heard the statistics about the growing pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes rates in America. Unfortunately, these rates don’t seem to be improving any time soon. I have seen many people in my family suffer from the devastating consequences of type 2 diabetes. Even though it is commonly brushed off as “having a little sugar” or just that their “sugar is bad,” the consequences can be life altering. 

After speaking with several doctors, I learned that at least type 2 can be better managed with the proper diet or in the best case prevented or reversed. 

That is why I created Sugar Smart Box. I wanted to introduce healthier snacking options and provide alternatives to common high sugar and high carb foods.  I wanted to provide high quality snacks to replace the urge for the overly processed snacks found conveniently in vending machines, break-rooms, and pretty much everywhere we look. My hope is that changing snacking habits will lead to healthier overall eating and living. 

Sugar Smart Box is not just another snack subscription box. We hope to spark the change to help people improve their health and their lives. 

Are You Sugar Smart? Let's get started