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Will I know what snacks I will receive each month?

No, but that is what makes it fun! We like to surprise you each month.  We curate our monthly box based on favorites and new discoveries that we think you'll love.  Hint:  Follow us on Instagram @sugarsmartbox and we'll post sneak peeks from time to time.

When do I get my box?

We ship boxes via USPS by the 10th of each month for orders placed by the last day of the previous month.  Your box will arrive a few days after that. For an example of our shipping schedule, boxes ordered on May 31st will ship by June 10th and boxes ordered on June  1st will ship by July 10th.

Are your boxes gluten free or vegan?

Not yet, but we hope to have those options soon.  The focus of our box is low sugar and overall low carb snacks.  Although some of the snacks in the box will be gluten free or vegan, not all of them will be.   

Will eating these snacks cure my diabetes?

No.  These snacks are designed to provide low sugar snacking options and to compliment a healthy eating plan.  Please consult your physician for a plan to manage your diabetes.

Can I cancel anytime?

You may cancel at anytime, but it needs to be done before your renewal on the 15th to cancel the current month's box. Active subscribers renew on the 15th of each month.  Simply log in to your account to cancel your subscription. 

How do I get started?

Just click the 'Get Started' button below to order.    

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